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Unique in Europe, the cabinets and weapon safes with a glass door, as well as glass-cases called Pantzerglass. Designed and manufactured by Hunter Safes. We can also quickly deliver custom work in these series of glass-casses.

The glass is both bullet and burglar resistant. This glass is certified and available in different classes and thicknesses. Below you can watch a test done at a shooting range at a customer of ours which shows how well the gun safe with armored glass offers resistance to bullets and force. 

Basing on the philosophy “things can be done differently and better”, Bert Beuvink , the owner, started with the manufacture of certified safes in 1995 that exude a unique atmosphere and are a showpiece in any interior. Hunter Safes will design and manufacture your dreamed up Pantzerglass safe. We do this 100% in-house in a traditional way. 

The Pantzerglass Series are designed as heavy duty safes with armored glass installed in the door. The Pantzerglass Series are the perfect safes for hunters, sport shooters or collectors.

Within the time of creating  your Pantzerglass safe and you can follow this process with 3D drawings. 

Hunter Safes family

Jagoda i Bert Beuvink

In 1995 I started selling gun cabinets. The Hunter Safes brand was soon established. Until 2001, I was buying gun cabinets from various manufacturers in Europe. Then I started production myself in order to be able to deliver higher quality products. Since then, we now have a factory with more than 20 employees and sell all over the world.

Bert Beuvink

I have been working in our family business, Hunter Safes, since 2002. I grew up among the gun cabinets that we produce and sell ourselves. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to perform various activities as part of the company's operations. As a hunter and a sharpshooter, I know perfectly well what are the needs of firearms owners in terms of storing weapons and ammunition.

Sander Beuvink

Dominique i Sander Beuvink



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