The compliments go on and on…the beauty of the Pantzerglass gunsafe is outstanding.



“I just wanted to let you know some of the compliments I have heard regarding the Office Room. After looking around, William said, ‘I thought this quality of work had been lost years ago, it’s beautiful.’ After looking and feeling the finish on the steel another contractor turned around and said, ‘I don’t know who did this  work but they are not from this area, this is the best work I have ever seen.’ The compliments go on and on…the beauty of the gunsafe is outstanding.”



Julian van Doossenlaere, Brussel



The quality of the workmanship…is beyond anything I have ever seen, anywhere…


“When we first met Hunter Safes several years ago we immediately sensed a strong sense of integrity and pride in your work…Meeting you and discussing our plans in person convinced us that a Pantzerglass gun gabinet was what we had been searching for…The quality of the workmanship from Hunter Safes is beyond anything I have ever seen anywhere at any price. When friends and visitors are in the hunting room they are in awe of the beauty of the Pantzerglass in all aspects of the metalwork you did for us.”


Tadeusz Jankowski , Warsaw