Nestled in the old Hanseatic city Oldenzaal, the Netherlands



Hunter Safes is a family business specializing in gun cabinets. Our firm is nestled in Oldenzaal in the Netherlands. In 1995, Bert Beuvink transitioned from general contracting to pursuing his lifelong love of fine gun cabinetry and metal working.


Following in his father’s footsteps


Sander Beuvink followed in his father’s footsteps as a builder. After watching and learning from his own father.

We design and build complete environments, from custom furniture-grade cabinetry to finished architectural steelwork.

We then personally deliver, install, and finish our work using the highest quality of materials available. Our projects have taken us throughout the continental Europe, Malaysia, Curacao and Afrika. 


Our specialized attention to detail has brought international acclaim to Hunter Safes and makes us truly unique in today’s production-oriented society.

“What we really do is help people tell their stories. We create a cabinet with glass where they can display the things they love: art, firearms, watches or collections. The spaces immediately feel intimate, like they are an extension of the homeowner. That’s because we work so closely with our clients and their team of professionals to make sure every detail is just right. For me, probably the most rewarding aspect is seeing people respond to the space when it is complete.”


Bert Beuvink