Pantzerglass gunsafes are unique and always reflect the imagination of their designer – you. By bringing together different materials, colors, and details, you can create an super riffle cabinet.

You can tell a Custom Pantzerglass by the impeccable attention to detail. Every Custom gunsafe is handmade at our factory and delivered in an safe  wooden  box.

Personalization - products created on an individual order

Customize the right model to your needs.

Offer for personalizing the model of cabinets and safes with bulletproof glass, through which you will receive a product suitable for you and your needs.


Explore the possibilities - Pantzerglass personalization

In addition to the options proposed by us, we are open to suggestions and ideas from clients.

If you have your own design and plan for your Pantzerglass safe - we will be glad to make it for you.

Choose a powder paint color

You can choose from all colors from the RAL palette and their structure.

Dimensions of your safe

Any size of your Panzerglass safe - for building or display. As for the centimeter.

Internal configuration

Internal boxes, shelves or drawers? Everything you need to store your valuable things.


One or more? You can also choose the type of locks: key, mechanical combination, electronic or fingerprint biometric. All locks are certified.

Interior lined with carpeting

The colorful carpet will increase the aesthetics of the interior and the comfort of use.

LED lighting

LED strips with different light colors illuminate the main compartment of Pantzerglass.

Gun holders

Easy access to weapons and increasing space by organizing.