• Safety class - A
  • Standard wrench length 69 mm
  • High quality
  • Polish product


  • 3-wheel combination lock
  • High quality dial and ring
  • Anti-spy shield
  • German product

    ATTENTION! It is not possible to mount a three-arm handle to the lock!!

  • RevoBolt Basic lock
  • AL 2020 keyboard
  • High quality
  • Holland product


  • Certified biometric system
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Waterproof
  • German product


Are you interested in a different lock or keypad from our supplier that is not on offer? No problem.




It is possible to install 2 locks or an additional emergency lock.

At the request of our customers, we are able to change the code/cipher in combination and electronic locks, from the factory one, to the code chosen by the owner. This option is available for free, and as a gun cabinet manufacturer, we are bound by secrecy and are not allowed to disclose information about the codes, so the contents of your gun cabinet will be safe.

ATTENTION: Weapon cabinets with a combination/electronic lock without a changed code from the factory to its own lose the validity of the certificate!


The electronic lock from M-LOCKS needs a battery with the right voltage to work properly.

The battery is included with the lock, of course it is possible to buy a spare battery.


If you are interested in the above options - please contact us.


Our main supplier of locks is the renowned Dutch company M-LOCKS.

All locks have a quality certificate for compliance with EN1300 and VdS requirements.

Apart from M-LOCKS, we also cooperate with Euro-Locks and Wittkopp.

The most frequently chosen lock by customers is a key and electronic lock, but we offer a very wide range of products such as:

key locks with 2 or 4 keys,
electronic locks with various keypads to choose from,
combination mechanical locks
fingerprint biometric locks
It is possible to install several locks and even an emergency opening system.


RevoBolt by M-LOCKS - new technology. What is that?

The new RevoBolt Basic electronic safe lock with swingbolt takes reliability, robustness and ease of use a step further. The all-new patented locking system is more robust and less prone to mechanical failure. An ingenious technical detail provides additional security for the bolt in the closed position. In short, it is a real step forward in terms of strength and reliability. Unique! A silent alarm can also be programmed with this RevoBolt Basic with basic software.


RevoBolt Basic can be combined with various keyboards https://www.m-locks.com/products/entries/


  • VdS class 2
  • EN 1300 Class B
  • IMP Product class -B-
  • SBSC Class B (SS 3880:2015)
  • A2P Class B


Below is a video presenting the RevoBolt system: