Panzerglass built into the wall

Published on 7 March 2023 at 11:05

Our Pantzerglass cabinets are a product that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. In order to meet all expectations, we always put the greatest effort into the production of our gun cabinets.

Pantzerglass cabinets are always eye-catching, the weapons displayed in them are safe and can be an elegant element of decorating a living room or hunting room.

We received the photos from our client who built the wardrobe in the wall - it was specially designed and made for this type of assembly.

The wardrobe is equipped with a Slat Wall panel, two lockers with a key lock, as well as an electronic main lock and a handle, which have been flush with the door front for greater aesthetics.

An additional element of equipment is a LED light with a sensor mounted in such a way that when the cabinet is opened, the backlight is immediately activated.


We are very proud of this project and of course we are waiting for the next one!



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