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Pantzerglass standard models

Bullet-proof glass gun safes and bullet-proof glass display cases
from Pantzerglass.


Standard gun safes and cabinets are practical and functional, although they are not generally considered to be aesthetically pleasing. Particularly from a security perspective, they are often found hidden away within walls or in furniture. This is because their design very rarely complements the ambience of a room or the general layout of a house.

The negative side of this is that your interesting objects then end up hidden away behind closed doors where no one can see them. If you are looking for the solution that not only offers secure protection against theft and fire for your valuables and documents, but also actively showcases them, bullet-proof glass gun safes are an attractive option.

Bullet-proof glass display cases

Display cases with security glass are not just a popular feature for private individuals, they can also be found in a wide variety of different environments:

  • Museums
  • Jewellers
  • Retail outlets – for example, for jewellery or electronics
  • For displaying valuable exhibition pieces

A bullet-proof glass display case conforms to the highest security requirements and is just as reliable as a safe with the same security level. Whatever you choose to collect behind it – from valuable coins and rare porcelain through to other attractive pieces that would be simply too interesting to hide behind closed doors – the secure glass panes in these display cases keep your belongings safe.

Pantzerglass gun safe with a glass door

Particularly in the case of weapon enthusiasts with collector’s items, our weapon display cabinets offer a legally secure alternative. 

Our exclusive bullet-proof glass rifle cabinets are the perfect choice not only for hunting lodges and museums, but also for the home, as they fit seamlessly into their surroundings.



Our custum projects are unique, we do not have a standard price list. Our completed projects are our catalog. On our website, we have many photographs showing the quality of our work and our design capacity. The pricing of each project is based on the scope of the work and the many variables involved. We do not like surprises and neither do our clients, so everything will be spelled out in an honest and fair manner. Our clients have found us more than competitive for the quality of our work. Rarely is there an apples-to-apples comparison for the product we provide versus products available through other companies. We are proud of our reputation for honesty and integrity.

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