2114 Pantzerglass "Leopard 3" - gun locker with bulletproof glass

Class S1. SALE!!!

Model 2114 Pantzerglass "Leopard 3" is a gun cabinet in RAL 9005 (black), which will hold up to 5 units of long guns with a maximum length of 127 cm. The cabinet door is glazed with ~25 mm thick armored glass, ensuring safe and elegant storage.

At the top of the wardrobe there is a small safe, locked with a key lock.

The cabinet is equipped with 3 removable metal shelves and one glass shelf, also removable above the weapon compartment.

The glass shelf gives a luxurious effect that is complemented by LED lighting. Perfect for displaying a hunting knife or other valuable item.

The interior is lined with melange carpet. Elegance is also added by LED light with a motion sensor, illuminating and exposing the entire interior.

The door of the cabinet is hung on external right hinges that allow it to be opened at an angle of 180 degrees, and the 6 mm thick sheet metal used in their construction ensures solid protection of the stored weapons.

Three-arm handle and electronic lock by M-Locks

External dimensions of the cabinet: 1500x600x350 mm

Weight: 140 kg

External dimensions of the safe: 220x225x250 mm



The cabinet meets the requirements of the European standard PN-EN 14450 and class S1.



M-Locks revobolt electronic lock