1771: Pantzerglass - hanging gun locker with bulletproof glass, 2 internal boxes and SlatWall system

Class S1




The model 1326 is a cabinet from the Pantzerglass Series, designed to be hung on the wall. The Pantzerglass Series is designed as a heavy duty safe with bulletproof glass in the door. The Pantzerglass Series is the perfect safe for hunters, sport shooters or collector. The cabinet is marked with a certification label,  confirming the S-1 resistance class standard.

    • Designed to support up to Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns;
    • Slatwall system for attaching gun holders;
    • Two internal safes, locked with separate locks;
    • External hinges, enabling the door to be opened 180 degrees;
    • Color carpeting in the interior;
    • Indoor LED lighting, controlled by remote control or smartphone.

    A fully adjustable interior is standard and available in several different options.


    Resistance class / standard: S-1/EN 14450
    Outside dimensions (H x W x D): 1060 x 1530 x 280 mm
    Gun Storage Space (H x W x D): 880 x 1430 x 180 mm
    Weight: 250 kg
    Lock Type (standard): Electrical lock
    Handle: Three spoke handle 
    Door hinges: External
    Hinge side: Right
    Lock bolts: Diameter 25mm; 4 horizontal, 2 vertical
    Color: RAL 9005
    Number of internal box: 2
    Internal box dimensions (H x W x D): 120 x 680 x 180 mm
    Type of glass in the door: Bulletproof glass / secure, anti-theft
    Glass class / standard: BR3/EN 1063:2002 i P7B/EN 356:2000
    Glass dimensions (H x W x D): 1067 x 712 x 25 mm
    Indoor lighting: LED RGB controlled by remote control
    Anchoring holes: 4 in the back wall
    Anchoring material: Mounting anchors