1739: Pantzerglass - gun safe with bulletproof glass and SlatWall system, for installation in the wall

Class S1




Model 1739 Pantzerglass is a gun cabinet designed for installation in the wall and can be used from both sides, from the front and from the back. The front of the safe is filled with a bulletproof glass, 24 mm thick. The gun cabinet door is located on the rear wall. The Slatwall weapon mounting system was also installed here, allowing for vertical or horizontal mounting of weapons. Installed in the wall that divides two rooms, it allows you to create a representative gun case in one room, with access to the interior in the other. External hinges allow the door to be opened at an angle of 180 degrees.


Resistance class / standard: S-1/EN 14450
Outside dimensions (H x W x D): 1050 x 1500 x 270 mm
Weight: 200 kg

SlatWall system
Lock Type: Key lock - A class certified
Handle: Three spoke handle 
Door hinges: External
Color: RAL 9005
Number of shelves: SlatWall system
Type of glass in the door: Bulletproof glass / secure, anti-theft
Glass class / standard: BR3/EN 1063:2002 i P7B/EN 356:2000
Glass dimensions (H x W x D): 1300x850x25 mm
Indoor lighting: LED RGB controlled by remote control