2162: Pantzerglass - gun locker with bulletproof glass, 1 internal box, 2 shelfs

Class S1




Model 2162 is designed to store 8 units of long weapons with a maximum length of 146 cm.

The equipment includes 2 shelves one internal safe, locked with a key lock.

The inside of the safe is covered with a green carpet. The addition is also LED lighting.

The safe has adjustable shelves along the entire length of the weapon compartment, so we can also store pistols or other valuable things. The set includes metal and glass shelves.


Resistance class / standard: S-1/EN 14450
Outside dimensions (H x W x D): 1500 x 800 x 450 mm
Gun Storage Space (H x W x D): 1450 x 520 x 330 mm
Weight: 205 kg
Lock Type: Electronic lock
Handle: Three spoke handle 
Door hinges: External
Hinge side: Right
Lock bolts: Diameter 25mm; 4 horizontal, 2 vertical
Color: RAL 9005
Number of shelves: 2

Number of internal box: 1
Type of glass in the door: Bulletproof glass / secure, anti-theft
Glass class / standard: BR3/EN 1063:2002 i P7B/EN 356:2000
Indoor lighting: LED RGB controlled by remote control
Anchoring holes: 2 in the back wall & 2 in the floor
Anchoring material: Mounting anchors